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Spacey Storage- Hume

100 Sawmill Circuit
Hume, Act 2620

Phone: (02) 6263 6700

About Us

We are a 100% Australian, locally owned business: Spacey Hume
ABN: 29 659 193 934

Our access control software is leased from an American company. Therefore your rental transactions will be time stamped in their local USA time. This is not an error, but we are hoping that they will modify their software at some stage soon, to better represent their Australian customers.

Moving Out

In line with our simple on-line renting and managing processes, Moving Out when you no longer need your unit is also easy.

Just send us an email, using the Email Template to the left, confirm the unit number you wish to move out of and your planned exit date (Please note that you must give fourteen (14) calendar days notice, of your planned move out date).

Once your nominated move out date arrives, your Gate Code will no longer function and you will not be able to access the facility. Therefore you must have all your stored items out of your unit and out of the facility, to ensure your move out concludes smoothly.

Don't forget that the full return of your deposit is dependent upon your leaving your vacated rental unit in a clean, undamaged condition.

Any cleaning, or repairs required to your unit after you move out, will be charged on to you via a deduction from your Deposit where necessary.

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We are here to assist, so if you have any concerns, please contact us.